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Diamond Guarantee

The Henri’s Diamond and Gemstone Lifetime Guarantee covers the replacement of your Diamond(s) or Gemstone(s) whether lost from the mounting or chipped while in the mounting. Henri’s does not have to inspect your item for this to apply.

If the item is damaged to the point it can not be repaired due to manufacturer error, Henri’s will replace the item. Henri’s does not cover items that are excessively damaged caused by lack of care in which is determined by the jeweler.

Repair Warranty

All jewelry pieces sold by Henri’s comes with a 12 month repair warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers the following: sizings, soldering, prong re-tipping, re-setting a stone, fixing broken chains, and replacing all Diamonds including the center stone with equal or better quality. After the repair warranty expires the cost of parts and labor will be due at time of drop off. This repair warranty applies to the following: purchases made after August 31, 2022. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Henri’s limited lifetime warranty covers ring sizing from date of purchase or proposal for up to a year to guarantee the correct size. A broken chain, bracelet or earrings is covered the first time for free. After that, the cost of parts and labor will be due at time of drop off. This limited lifetime warranty applies to the following: purchases made before August 31, 2022, holiday specials, and discounted items.

Engagement rings with a center Diamond of .50 carats or smaller, Diamond stud earrings that consist of no more than one Diamond in earring, and Diamond pendants that consist of no more than one Diamond are covered by our guarantee as long as the piece is cleaned and inspected every six months.

Cleaning & Inspection

Henri’s offers lifetime complementary cleaning and inspection on all jewelry pieces. 

*All warranty coverage excludes watches. 

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Jewelry Handling

There are certain precaution that can be taken in your day to day life that will help prolong the life and beauty of your jewelry. It is recommended to remove your jewels while: strenuous activity, using cleaning supplies, swimming, applying lotion, perfume, hair spray, and other cosmetics, extended exposure to the sun, gardening, and sleeping.

Damage Protection

Every piece of jewelry is exposed to unavoidable wear and tear. Extended wear leading to damages, however, can be prevented or limited. It is important to be cautious of your jewelry during any physical activity especially when wearing Gemstones as these are susceptible to fractures. While Diamonds are the toughest stone, it is still important to be aware of your pieces as stones could be knocked out of place, fall out, or the metal could be damaged.

We recommend to store your jewelry items in a soft pouch separate from each other, in their Henri’s box, or in a fabric lined case with compartments and dividers.


Regular home cleaning is effective for removing and preventing residue build up. However, not all jewelry items are suitable for home cleaning. Intricate items and vintage pieces, as well as jewelry containing softer and more delicate stones, such as, but not limited to: emeralds, turquoise, coral, pearls or any other gemstone beads on a silk string, should only be professionally cleaned.

Henri’s offers lifetime free cleaning and inspection. Visit Henri’s to get your jewelry cleaned and inspected every 6 months to maintain the terms of your warranty.

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